22 December 2010

2010 and Beyond.......

Hey Everyone

Grab a seat and let’s catch up………

Well what a year it’s been…..many changes, a few challenges, sprinkled with some wonderful times…..

The year started out great, and as many of you know, around May the lives of Kym, Nathan, myself and family came to a screeching holt with a very sick little boy, who almost went home…..however with amazing determination, will power and love, Nathan stayed and became even stronger, happier, and more determined then ever and so thankfully the year has ended wonderfully.

Many changes have happened and there are more to come…..next year with Universal Connections and my wonderful meditation Goddesses we are planning some exciting adventures such as visiting Byron Bay Crystal Castle, and then off to see Scott Alexander King at his Animal Dreaming shop, to having a weekend away at Maitland Gaol in New South Wales which is a very haunted gaol, to full moon meditations at Redcliffe and Bribie Island.

Before I finish, I want to remind everyone about being true to yourself….and knowing what is the truth and what isn’t. For example…when speaking to someone at any time, remember your words, for words are very powerful, they can be painful and at times simply beautiful…..also remember people and situations change – nothing is written in concrete, people change their minds – so just let go of any old negative emotions and free yourself. I know I am…..as most of you know I have spent the last few months on massive detox……both from people and chocolate. I have experienced such anger and to most powerful cravings ever……..however I survived!!! I have learnt this year, thanks to Sam, Dean, Isis, Adam, Kym and Dad that I will not tolerate being blamed for something or accepting anything less for myself. We all make mistakes however take some responsibility for your actions and then let them go and believe me when you stand in your own power and really own it and its AMAZING !!! WE ARE ALL EQUAL……WE ALL HAVE THE MOST AMAZING LOVE WITHIN US….....

I would love to wish you all A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND KNOW THAT 2011 WILL BE FANTASTIC !!!!!!!

See you all next year with much love, laughter and blessings……please take care and thankyou to everyone for your support…..you are truly beautiful people…..who have stood by me no matter what without blame, or judgement……only love……THANK YOU xxxx

21 October 2010

A Little Update......

Welcome back everyone, have a seat and let’s catch up……

I am often asked when doing my readings where did you learn to be a psychic or a medium and I always reply I didn’t learn it, as it was there naturally….however I have learnt over time that clients like to know how you are qualified, so I thought I would let you all know my education as such…..

My qualifications are:

Certified Essence of Angels Practitioner
Certified Crystal Light Healer (Honours)
Certified Angel Intuitive
Certified Paranormal Counsellor
Member of the Australian Psychic Association
Certified Animal Dreaming Facilitator

So there you have it…..I wanted to share this with you as we are all embarking on our journey of self discovery. We often find out what we are made of, what and how much we can tolerate within ourselves……with regards to this I know for myself I have always been blessed to connect with these beautiful beings of light and I also know how important it is for clients to know where this information comes from….I am asked how do you know you are talking to Archangel Michael or my Guides Sam, Dean or Tyrone? I ask them who are you, and am answered “I am Archangel Michael, with love from our Creator”

One thing I have learnt over time, is Guardians of Light whether they be Angels, Archangels, Elders etc….they all have their own personality, they have their own way of communication…….for example Archangel Michael has always called me Pumpkin and Tyrone (Angel) who is one of my part time Guardians while working with Archangels Michael and Metatron, always calls me Little One, for example Ty has a very powerful and vibrant personality and is quite cheeky to the female population and loves life and yet communicates the most amazing wisdom. I have learnt over time just because they are a being of light doesn’t mean they have to act a certain way…..I am always grateful for their time, love and wisdom. We can all connect with our Guides, just don’t be impatient, and give yourself time, love and enjoyment through this journey.

I am very excited as there is much magic manifesting around Universal Connections; however the hard part for me is to be still and silent while the Universe creates and delivers the abundance of Universal Connections for all and one.

So as they say “watch this space”…..

I am looking forward to our Crystal Awakening workshop which is happening on Beltane (a Happy Halloween to all) with numbers way over what I expected; I am very excited to be connecting to these beautiful souls who are joining me on this wonderful day.

Until next time, may love and laughter surround you always xx


22 September 2010

Its Time To Grow.............

Blessings Everyone, hope you have had a wonderful time since we last connected….grab a cuppa, relax and lets catch up….

First thought of the day is, we all need to remember that each and every thought you have has a tiny pulse, has a vibration of energy within it. When you have that thought it is released into the Universe and every living thing absorbs it. So look into introducing simple little things into your life that will support your well being in body, mind, heart and soul.

Basically we as Humanity are at crossroads, however we have a choice. We have a choice to awaken and embrace Love and Life and to release pain, anger, loneliness and many other negative emotions. We all hold the key to create this shift and to make it happen.
In the coming days we will celebrate Ostara, which is the beginning of spring, new life, rebirth, starting new projects and manifesting many new and wonderful things.

Ostara is the perfect time for release, I know myself I have been releasing much fear, anger and resentment and building my self worth and watching my thoughts about manifesting my own dreams, and the realisation of what we can accomplish.
For you own growth and release call upon some the Gods and Goddesses associated with Ostara to guide you:

Aphrodite / Athena / Ishtar / Persephone / Isis
Adonis / Cernunnos / Osiris / Thoth / Pan / Taliesin

We need to believe in ourselves, believe in the power of one as we stand tall and embrace life.

Laugh often and Love everyday….

Until next time,


29 August 2010

Universal Connection.........

Blessings Everyone....

I have had a wonderful holiday; I have attended some seminars and met some wonderful people.....however now it’s time to start work.....I have had many people ask me how do you connect with the Universe, how do you strengthen your Intuition your connection with your Guides......well below are some of the tools that I have learnt over time and follow, however you will create your own way of connection.

This has been a rather powerful winter. On the 26th June we had the Grand Cross and on that date two cosmic portals opened: one in Marseilles which holds Mary Magdalene’s energy and a very powerful one at Agate in Russia. In addition Archangel Raphael’s portal in Portugal opened to spread healing across Europe and the world. Raphael is the Archangel who oversees Europe and you may have been aware of his emerald green energy from time to time. All of this is in preparation for 2012.

You can enhance your natural intuition in many different ways, below are some of the examples:

The food you eat – the fresher your food the better the natural energy is for your own body and trust me this is correct – since losing weight and eating better, I find my connection is alot stronger and last longer as well...

Meditation – calming your mind, trying to remove the general chatter of thoughts either through a traditional form of meditation or whatever works for you....

Exercise – yoga, swimming, walking, dancing

Environment – by creating a peaceful, relaxed environment, you are creating your own sacred space you can feel safe and protected when connecting with spirit.

There are many ways to sense these beautiful beings of light around you and one of the ways is by feeling your spirit, for example try:

Listening to uplifting music



Do nothing



Go for a walk

Plant flowers and spend time in your Garden

Accepting and sharing unconditional love

In our great Universe, there are many Beings of Light eg: Angels, Archangels, Gods and Goddesses, Ascended Master and Elders of many realms and much more.

For example did you know that Archangels:

Are the Universe’s most important Messengers?

Are the Power-booster packs for your spiritual support team

Love to be called upon to help you, teach you or serve you in anyway

Oversee the development of your creative and spiritual side

One of those Archangels is Haniel

Haniel's name means 'Glory of God'. Haniel governs the ancient magic of healing, miracles and the feminine power, and the energy of the Moon. Archangel Haniel is Chief of the Virtues and Chief of the Principalities, not many are familiar with this incredible being. Although archangels are androgynous they do have an energy more often projected as male or female so that people on Earth can more easily identify with them. Haniel more often appears as a female.

To me she is very wise, very knowing, very "Earth mother", but with humor, and a twinkle in her eye. What a joy it was to connect with her very refreshing, earthy energy, in particular her feminine lunar energy. Archangel Haniel helps with developing your intuition, balancing your emotions like that of the lunar energies that ebb and flows like that of a raging ocean.

Her message to you is:

“Balance your energies, Dear Ones, go with the flow of life and not against.....be yourself in your magical way, stand tall and glow like that of a thousand watt bulbs and know as time moves and changes occur, you are safe, loved and nurtured. Do not fear change - embrace it"

I hope you all have a wonderful day everyday, until we meet again.....

Namaste and Blessed Be


08 July 2010

Crystal Awakening Workshop Update

Blessing Everyone,

Just letting everyone know, with regards to the Crystal Workshop which was due to be held 1st August, I have decided to postpone it until 31 October - Halloween !!
Meditations are confirmed and will take place on the dates specified.  Please confirm your session times for 9am or 130pm for the next one on 25 July with Kym via email :  kym@universalconnections.net

Take Care

16 June 2010

Meditation Update.........

Blessings Everyone

I would like to advise that Meditation for this sunday only 20 June 2010 is cancelled.  My housemate and best friend Kym, is in the processing as we all are, saying goodbye to Nathan.  As most of you know he was admitted into hospital about 3 weeks ago, and basically his little body can't fight anymore, so with his Grandpa, his Cats Tom and Zeus and his best friend around him, he is about to go home.  Thankyou to everyone for your support, emails, love and friendship, it is truly appreciated.

Next Meditation is Sunday 25 July 2010.

Magick, Laughter and Love


17 May 2010

Meditation Reminder

Blessings Everyone

Just a reminder that Meditation is on this sunday.  

Sessions are :  9am and 130pm.

Thankyou and see you then.

Loads of Magic


17 April 2010

The Power of Prayer

Prayer is communicating with God or the Universe.  Whether we realise it or not, God is on the other end of the phone line, listening to us all the time.  When you pray to God, you must believe it will happen....many people say to me:  I do pray to God all the time and nothing happens.....thats because you either need to let it go once you have said your prayer or it may simply be not the right time for the answer to be revealed.....

Here are some suggestions when praying to God:

1.   Relax
2.   Visualise your Aura to be Gold
3.   Say your prayer to God
4.   Then let it go
5.   Thank God for listening
6.   Thank God for responding
7.   Have Faith
8.   Be prepared to have it answered

Try not to have a long pray - just simply ask what it is you need and let it go....always holding the prayer within your heart.   The moment you have offered your prayer, start thanking God for it.  Below is an anonymous poem which sums up the wonder of prayer.

I got up early one morning, and rushed right into the day
I had so much to accomplish, that I didn't have time to pray
Problems just tumbled about me, and heavier came each task
"Why doesn't God help me?" I wondered
He answered,  "You didn't ask."

I wanted to see joy and beauty, but the day toiled on, grey and black
I wondered why God didn't show me,
He said, "But you didn't seek."

I tried to come onto God's presence; I used all my keys at the lock,
God gently and lovingly chided, "My child, you didnt knock."

I woke up early this morning, and paused before entering the day
I had so much to accomplish
That I had to take time to pray

When you pray you are moving towards God and God is moving twice as fast towards you

Ask, believing, and it is aready granted

May God send many Blessings to you all....


16 April 2010

Chill Out Time.......

Well here we are again.....the last week for me has been wonderful !!  I have had the week off from work and the last 4 days I have had the house, my cats and my books to myself.....which is for me something I am not used to....and the timing was perfect !!  These last few days I have totally rested, switched off from the world and just hung out with myself.....I spent some quality time with my Guides - Sam and Dean.....I can hear everyone saying but you always spend time with Sam and Dean which is true, but not in the way where we just simply hung out.....I sat out in the back garden and we simply spoke like old friends do....and I didnt realise how much I needed that, you see timing is everything !!

I needed to chill out.....its funny how we live life everyday with many things happening at once, we juggle family, friends, work and what I call extra bits.....which is everything in between.....I didnt realise how much I needed to switch off and for those that know me, I have my mobile constantly with me.....well in the last few days, I simply either switched my phone off or put it on silent.  I know I am running a business, which is helping people and I do love it, however we all need at times TO STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES and I  did just that.....

Some of you might think that this is crazy, but I sat back and watched a few shows that I taped such as Most Haunted and Midsummer Murders which I loooovvee (I swear I was english in a few past lives).....and I got to hang out with my own company and realised thats just what I needed....

So I would like to remind you all that your time is valuable, so cherish each moment in time, in your life, but make sure you have time for you, so many things pull us away and before we know it the day is gone, a month gone and christmas is here once again....so please enjoy the company of others and the love of life and all its wonderful moments, and remember you already possess everything you need to be you PERFECTLY !!

Much love, laughter, magick and blessings


15 April 2010


Blessings Everyone :)

Just a reminder that Meditation is this Sunday - 18 April.  Once again, due to the large response which is fantastic, we are running 2 sessions:   9am to 11am and 130pm to 330pm.

If you would like to come and havent confirmed your place, please contact Kym on
0419 648 374 or kym@universalconnections.net as places are almost fully booked.

Thanks again and have a wonderful day, everyday !!


13 February 2010


Happy Valentine's day Everyone !!!

Just a gentle reminder that although you may not have the ideal love of your life with you, this Valentine's day....you are truly loved no matter what !!!

The other day, I heard for the first time, Michael Buble's new song :  Haven't Met You Yet and it made me think well actually it reminded me of Love.....Last tuesday night I met during meditation Adam (in spirit), who is to cut a very long story short - is my future husband.....he is already my love (in spirit) as I have been with him in previous lifetimes and know him very well, just as he knows me....also during meditation I met a Sirian Professor who showed me many things and with many words and when I asked him his name, he said:  You know me as Sam (but thats another story to be told).....so with ValentinĂ©s day arriving soon, it is also Chinese New Year, with many changes and I do mean many changes !!
These next words I would like to dedicate to Adam and to everyone out there waiting for the miracle of love, they are from Michael Buble's song :

I might have to wait
I'll never give up, I guess its half time and the other luck
Wherever you are
Whenever it's right
You come out of nowhere and into my life....

So please don't forget love is everywhere in everyway !!

Blessings, Magic and Laughter

15 January 2010

Meditation Workshops

Well that time has arrived..............

Universal Connections would like to invite you to join us for Meditation.....we are looking for participants who would like to develop spiritual gifts such as :  Attunement to Spirit / Awareness and Insight and Psychometry.....

Dates for Meditation are:

21 February
21 March
18 April
23 May
20 June
25 July
22 August
19 September
24 October
14 November
5 December

For venue details and to book your place, please contact
Kym on 0419 648 374 or kym@universalconnections.net, as places
are LIMITED. Cost is $20..........we start at 130pm to 330pm....

Let the Magic begin.....

07 January 2010


Blessed Be Everyone and Namaste !!!

This morning I had a very interesting conversation with Merlin, about changes, acceptance and growth.....
I was discussing a situation with him about where I work and the intense emotion of dislike I have for someone there, and Merlin sat with with me and asked me various questions and reminded me of one thing everytime I answered him - compassion !!    He stated - where is your compassion, understanding and acceptance of this person being the way they are ??  So basically to cut a long story short - ACCEPT PEOPLE FOR THE WAY THEY ARE AND ALLOW THEM TO CHANGE AND DON'T JUDGE THEM.....we all make mistakes and sometimes it takes longer to learn some lessons for some people and others learn them quickly......so please don't judge people if they change and grow........you may not like what you see, however if they are happy - then let them be happy.....as Merlin stated - there are always two sides to a story and sometimes what you see - is not what you get.....I know for me, its about forgiveness, as we are only human in this existance teaching our soul many things and we all have each other for support, strength, courage, laughter, love, magic and the lessons they teach you......simply let go and move on......and always know are you surround by so much love, including mine......



03 January 2010

New Beginnings...........

Happy New Year !!

Its only been 3 days of the new year, and yet its been an amazing journey.....so much has shifted with not only myself, but with Mother Earth.....a very powerful blue moon which for myself certainly slammed a few things in my face......I talk often to many clients,  either through my personal consultations or like now, my blog.....and I speak of letting go and being strong and not to fear etc......and as I look at myself and seek my own dreams and stop to think about it - BANG  !!!   my reality and my dreams were different in many ways.........

I sometimes think I live 2 separate lives   -  
1.  everyday work   
2.  spiritual work..... and I balance them pretty good....however now is the time that I need to choose which one and actually do something about it......so I am !!

Therefore, I have a brand new Assistant Director and Public Relations Manager for all upcoming media, message nights, workshops etc.....you see I have decided that Universal Connections is going Global in all ways - straight to the top !!!     I have my own mentors and teachers who I love and used to dream about being just like them "one day",  well you know what ?   I am just like them and I learn and grow everyday as we all do.....so basically I have decided to truly be me and LOVE ME THE WAY I AM !!!

Instead of saying :  The Best Is Yet To Come - THE BEST IS ALREADY HERE !!!

Welcome aboard the UNIVERSAL CONNECTIONS Starship, we invite you to join us, please have a seat, sit down and HANG ON FOR THE RIDE OF YOUR LIFE !!!!

Much Love, Blessings and Magic