21 October 2010

A Little Update......

Welcome back everyone, have a seat and let’s catch up……

I am often asked when doing my readings where did you learn to be a psychic or a medium and I always reply I didn’t learn it, as it was there naturally….however I have learnt over time that clients like to know how you are qualified, so I thought I would let you all know my education as such…..

My qualifications are:

Certified Essence of Angels Practitioner
Certified Crystal Light Healer (Honours)
Certified Angel Intuitive
Certified Paranormal Counsellor
Member of the Australian Psychic Association
Certified Animal Dreaming Facilitator

So there you have it…..I wanted to share this with you as we are all embarking on our journey of self discovery. We often find out what we are made of, what and how much we can tolerate within ourselves……with regards to this I know for myself I have always been blessed to connect with these beautiful beings of light and I also know how important it is for clients to know where this information comes from….I am asked how do you know you are talking to Archangel Michael or my Guides Sam, Dean or Tyrone? I ask them who are you, and am answered “I am Archangel Michael, with love from our Creator”

One thing I have learnt over time, is Guardians of Light whether they be Angels, Archangels, Elders etc….they all have their own personality, they have their own way of communication…….for example Archangel Michael has always called me Pumpkin and Tyrone (Angel) who is one of my part time Guardians while working with Archangels Michael and Metatron, always calls me Little One, for example Ty has a very powerful and vibrant personality and is quite cheeky to the female population and loves life and yet communicates the most amazing wisdom. I have learnt over time just because they are a being of light doesn’t mean they have to act a certain way…..I am always grateful for their time, love and wisdom. We can all connect with our Guides, just don’t be impatient, and give yourself time, love and enjoyment through this journey.

I am very excited as there is much magic manifesting around Universal Connections; however the hard part for me is to be still and silent while the Universe creates and delivers the abundance of Universal Connections for all and one.

So as they say “watch this space”…..

I am looking forward to our Crystal Awakening workshop which is happening on Beltane (a Happy Halloween to all) with numbers way over what I expected; I am very excited to be connecting to these beautiful souls who are joining me on this wonderful day.

Until next time, may love and laughter surround you always xx