22 September 2010

Its Time To Grow.............

Blessings Everyone, hope you have had a wonderful time since we last connected….grab a cuppa, relax and lets catch up….

First thought of the day is, we all need to remember that each and every thought you have has a tiny pulse, has a vibration of energy within it. When you have that thought it is released into the Universe and every living thing absorbs it. So look into introducing simple little things into your life that will support your well being in body, mind, heart and soul.

Basically we as Humanity are at crossroads, however we have a choice. We have a choice to awaken and embrace Love and Life and to release pain, anger, loneliness and many other negative emotions. We all hold the key to create this shift and to make it happen.
In the coming days we will celebrate Ostara, which is the beginning of spring, new life, rebirth, starting new projects and manifesting many new and wonderful things.

Ostara is the perfect time for release, I know myself I have been releasing much fear, anger and resentment and building my self worth and watching my thoughts about manifesting my own dreams, and the realisation of what we can accomplish.
For you own growth and release call upon some the Gods and Goddesses associated with Ostara to guide you:

Aphrodite / Athena / Ishtar / Persephone / Isis
Adonis / Cernunnos / Osiris / Thoth / Pan / Taliesin

We need to believe in ourselves, believe in the power of one as we stand tall and embrace life.

Laugh often and Love everyday….

Until next time,