15 January 2010

Meditation Workshops

Well that time has arrived..............

Universal Connections would like to invite you to join us for Meditation.....we are looking for participants who would like to develop spiritual gifts such as :  Attunement to Spirit / Awareness and Insight and Psychometry.....

Dates for Meditation are:

21 February
21 March
18 April
23 May
20 June
25 July
22 August
19 September
24 October
14 November
5 December

For venue details and to book your place, please contact
Kym on 0419 648 374 or kym@universalconnections.net, as places
are LIMITED. Cost is $20..........we start at 130pm to 330pm....

Let the Magic begin.....

07 January 2010


Blessed Be Everyone and Namaste !!!

This morning I had a very interesting conversation with Merlin, about changes, acceptance and growth.....
I was discussing a situation with him about where I work and the intense emotion of dislike I have for someone there, and Merlin sat with with me and asked me various questions and reminded me of one thing everytime I answered him - compassion !!    He stated - where is your compassion, understanding and acceptance of this person being the way they are ??  So basically to cut a long story short - ACCEPT PEOPLE FOR THE WAY THEY ARE AND ALLOW THEM TO CHANGE AND DON'T JUDGE THEM.....we all make mistakes and sometimes it takes longer to learn some lessons for some people and others learn them quickly......so please don't judge people if they change and grow........you may not like what you see, however if they are happy - then let them be happy.....as Merlin stated - there are always two sides to a story and sometimes what you see - is not what you get.....I know for me, its about forgiveness, as we are only human in this existance teaching our soul many things and we all have each other for support, strength, courage, laughter, love, magic and the lessons they teach you......simply let go and move on......and always know are you surround by so much love, including mine......



03 January 2010

New Beginnings...........

Happy New Year !!

Its only been 3 days of the new year, and yet its been an amazing journey.....so much has shifted with not only myself, but with Mother Earth.....a very powerful blue moon which for myself certainly slammed a few things in my face......I talk often to many clients,  either through my personal consultations or like now, my blog.....and I speak of letting go and being strong and not to fear etc......and as I look at myself and seek my own dreams and stop to think about it - BANG  !!!   my reality and my dreams were different in many ways.........

I sometimes think I live 2 separate lives   -  
1.  everyday work   
2.  spiritual work..... and I balance them pretty good....however now is the time that I need to choose which one and actually do something about it......so I am !!

Therefore, I have a brand new Assistant Director and Public Relations Manager for all upcoming media, message nights, workshops etc.....you see I have decided that Universal Connections is going Global in all ways - straight to the top !!!     I have my own mentors and teachers who I love and used to dream about being just like them "one day",  well you know what ?   I am just like them and I learn and grow everyday as we all do.....so basically I have decided to truly be me and LOVE ME THE WAY I AM !!!

Instead of saying :  The Best Is Yet To Come - THE BEST IS ALREADY HERE !!!

Welcome aboard the UNIVERSAL CONNECTIONS Starship, we invite you to join us, please have a seat, sit down and HANG ON FOR THE RIDE OF YOUR LIFE !!!!

Much Love, Blessings and Magic