07 January 2010


Blessed Be Everyone and Namaste !!!

This morning I had a very interesting conversation with Merlin, about changes, acceptance and growth.....
I was discussing a situation with him about where I work and the intense emotion of dislike I have for someone there, and Merlin sat with with me and asked me various questions and reminded me of one thing everytime I answered him - compassion !!    He stated - where is your compassion, understanding and acceptance of this person being the way they are ??  So basically to cut a long story short - ACCEPT PEOPLE FOR THE WAY THEY ARE AND ALLOW THEM TO CHANGE AND DON'T JUDGE THEM.....we all make mistakes and sometimes it takes longer to learn some lessons for some people and others learn them quickly......so please don't judge people if they change and grow........you may not like what you see, however if they are happy - then let them be happy.....as Merlin stated - there are always two sides to a story and sometimes what you see - is not what you get.....I know for me, its about forgiveness, as we are only human in this existance teaching our soul many things and we all have each other for support, strength, courage, laughter, love, magic and the lessons they teach you......simply let go and move on......and always know are you surround by so much love, including mine......




  1. How true Merlin! and poigniant that a similar thing is happening in my life.....spiritual growth creates a perception of change from those around you. Yes you are changing and growing and this can cause unease when people don't understand or are themselves afraid of change. Particullarly when the need for emotional support and being a victim no longer exists as you are happy with yourself and the world. Thank you Merlin..and Nicky...much love and Light...Amber

  2. Well said Amber and you are very welcome. xxx

  3. I will try and remember your word's & think again before judgeing people thanks Nicky :)

  4. Sometime the lesson is to be found in that exact situation. "don't blame the teacher, learn the lesson".
    ....love and blessings Gaby xx