29 August 2010

Universal Connection.........

Blessings Everyone....

I have had a wonderful holiday; I have attended some seminars and met some wonderful people.....however now it’s time to start work.....I have had many people ask me how do you connect with the Universe, how do you strengthen your Intuition your connection with your Guides......well below are some of the tools that I have learnt over time and follow, however you will create your own way of connection.

This has been a rather powerful winter. On the 26th June we had the Grand Cross and on that date two cosmic portals opened: one in Marseilles which holds Mary Magdalene’s energy and a very powerful one at Agate in Russia. In addition Archangel Raphael’s portal in Portugal opened to spread healing across Europe and the world. Raphael is the Archangel who oversees Europe and you may have been aware of his emerald green energy from time to time. All of this is in preparation for 2012.

You can enhance your natural intuition in many different ways, below are some of the examples:

The food you eat – the fresher your food the better the natural energy is for your own body and trust me this is correct – since losing weight and eating better, I find my connection is alot stronger and last longer as well...

Meditation – calming your mind, trying to remove the general chatter of thoughts either through a traditional form of meditation or whatever works for you....

Exercise – yoga, swimming, walking, dancing

Environment – by creating a peaceful, relaxed environment, you are creating your own sacred space you can feel safe and protected when connecting with spirit.

There are many ways to sense these beautiful beings of light around you and one of the ways is by feeling your spirit, for example try:

Listening to uplifting music



Do nothing



Go for a walk

Plant flowers and spend time in your Garden

Accepting and sharing unconditional love

In our great Universe, there are many Beings of Light eg: Angels, Archangels, Gods and Goddesses, Ascended Master and Elders of many realms and much more.

For example did you know that Archangels:

Are the Universe’s most important Messengers?

Are the Power-booster packs for your spiritual support team

Love to be called upon to help you, teach you or serve you in anyway

Oversee the development of your creative and spiritual side

One of those Archangels is Haniel

Haniel's name means 'Glory of God'. Haniel governs the ancient magic of healing, miracles and the feminine power, and the energy of the Moon. Archangel Haniel is Chief of the Virtues and Chief of the Principalities, not many are familiar with this incredible being. Although archangels are androgynous they do have an energy more often projected as male or female so that people on Earth can more easily identify with them. Haniel more often appears as a female.

To me she is very wise, very knowing, very "Earth mother", but with humor, and a twinkle in her eye. What a joy it was to connect with her very refreshing, earthy energy, in particular her feminine lunar energy. Archangel Haniel helps with developing your intuition, balancing your emotions like that of the lunar energies that ebb and flows like that of a raging ocean.

Her message to you is:

“Balance your energies, Dear Ones, go with the flow of life and not against.....be yourself in your magical way, stand tall and glow like that of a thousand watt bulbs and know as time moves and changes occur, you are safe, loved and nurtured. Do not fear change - embrace it"

I hope you all have a wonderful day everyday, until we meet again.....

Namaste and Blessed Be