27 December 2009

A Few Words from Archangel Michael

As the year ends and another begins, remember to let go all that troubles you and look forward to all that surrounds you, LOVE......a few suggestions to help you begin your journey are: start writing down your thoughts and feelings - SURRENDER and then see the magic that comes alive !!

PLEASE BELIEVE in the power of YOU !! This coming year for many of you, is a year of discovery and wonder and, very hard work, stepping out of your comfort zone and releasing the fear that holds you back......stand up and be who you are, feel the power of love, light and oneness – SPREAD YOUR WINGS FOR ALL TO SEE !!
There are many changes coming to your world – nothing to fear as change brings truth, it brings acceptance and understanding – for heaven sake Dear One’s speak up and share your knowledge with others without fear, talk to one another and allow yourself the respect that you deserve......

Trust in yourself !!    Love yourself !!    Be yourself !!


23 December 2009

Archangel Gabriel's Message of Love

Blessings Dear Ones, at this time of celebration.....I come to you all, to wish you the most joyous time in your lives, as you connect with one another and rejoice in the magic of Christmas.

For all the Kingdom of Angels, Light and Love, we celebrate many things, not just what Christmas is all about - we celebrate Love.....to us, everyday is a Holy day, a day where is Love celebrated everyday......so Dear Ones, please celebrate Love and forgive and let go of any pain, anger, loss, frustration and guilt, and shine like the beautiful shooting stars that you are.....

Love is a being who lives as a possibility in us all......

There are two ways to spread the light:
to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it

Edith Wharton

May you celebrate everyday as a Holy day, Dear Ones......and remember you are truly loved and never alone....

Merry Xmas
Archangel Gabriel

20 December 2009


In the next few days, we will gather with family and friends to celebrate Christmas.....for me Christmas has always been magical and will remain that way forever......it’s a time for realizing just how lucky we are, we have the love of family and friends, we gather to feast on wonderful food prepared with love and laughter......for me I think about many things, in particular how this last year has been and there have been some huge changes, many things I am proud to have done such as my Spiritual Development Classes and Meditation and my fantastic Website (thanks Al). Next year holds many new ideas, dreams and the unknown......it’s a time for change, for letting go and in some cases for myself saying goodbye to challenges in my life.....I for one am no longer going to worry about what other think, or how they act, as I have learnt what you do is your choice and I choose not to be around anything negative, as lately I have been around many people playing the “victim” and that’s ok as its your choice, not mine, I am choosing to learn from my lessons and let it go and get on with it, and as daunting as it sounds we can all let go and enjoy – you choose how you live life, so live it and move through your fear and be the wonderful person you are.............

Thought for the rest of your life:

The only person you are destined to become,
Is the person you decide to be

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and I know 2010 is the beginning of many magical moments....
Thank you to everyone for your support, laughter, love and friendship, thank you to Kym for your patience, your calming energy in times of nerves and stress, and for always believing in me, you are a true Friend who I love very much and am glad I agreed to have you in my life.....to Nathan for being Nathan, my Cats for their grounding and loving energy......to Neet for clearing the trees in my forest so Avalon shines once again and for your lessons that you teach me everyday in some way and yet your still here by my side.......to Allison for my amazing Website, your total connection and understanding and patience of knowing what I needed and being You !! Hal thanks for being Hal.....and to Sam, Dean, Anika, Denolan and to future Guides coming – thank you and I love you very much, you take such amazing care of me and teach me many things and that Magic Happens everyday !!! So I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic 2010....so watch this space for meditation dates and new workshops such as Creating your Bliss and staying there, Crystal Awareness and Activation, Archangels and You and many more.....

Merry Christmas !! 

Blessings, Celebration and Love