22 June 2009

Universal Connections June Newsletter

Well...... Winter is certainly here and with many changes....I for one, love the cold crisp air that wraps around us like a blanket of mist...There is much to be said about Magic and winter.....I know anytime is perfect for Magic but the morning fog and the early morning stars make a mystical time for all.

As I sat down to write my newsletter, I thought it would be about Magic, however, New Beginnings have arrived instead. What a month it has been!

For me it has been a time of waking up and looking at the bigger picture of life and realising that what you see is not always what you get. I know that many of us have grown so much and I know that sometimes as we grow, we have to walk away, for not everyone grows and moves forward at the same pace as we would all like. Personally my lesson has been – take off the rose coloured glasses and see the truth, and that’s a hard lesson to take. For when you walk the path of Spirit, whether it’s through Reiki, Crystals, Tarot or Mediumship – you are expected to know all, see all and be all – well I am not God, I am the same as everyone else with a gift of giving in a special way – no one is perfect – only God...and we are all in this together....so instead of worrying about petty conversations, or what people may or may not think of you – MOVE FORWARD, SPEAK YOUR TRUTH, LEARN TO GROW AND BE YOURSELF!! I have so many people say to me “I want to learn to be like you”...remember:

1. You are you; we are all on a different journey.

2. Make a commitment to yourself and the Universe.

3. Accept and love who you are and honour yourself.....

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets and anger, so love the people who treat you well, who love you no matter what and let go with love the people who don’t – friendship is a two way street and nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it – so no matter what your lesson is at the moment.....know that you are safe, protected and loved....Remember how powerful you truly are....New Beginnings are very frightening, but once you start, it’s the best feeling ever !!

So Take Care on your magical journey with much wonder, laughter and blessings.....

Thank you to you all for your wonderful love, support and friendship; I invite you to please leave any feedback or words from your own journey by visiting my website www.universalconnections.net