22 December 2010

2010 and Beyond.......

Hey Everyone

Grab a seat and let’s catch up………

Well what a year it’s been…..many changes, a few challenges, sprinkled with some wonderful times…..

The year started out great, and as many of you know, around May the lives of Kym, Nathan, myself and family came to a screeching holt with a very sick little boy, who almost went home…..however with amazing determination, will power and love, Nathan stayed and became even stronger, happier, and more determined then ever and so thankfully the year has ended wonderfully.

Many changes have happened and there are more to come…..next year with Universal Connections and my wonderful meditation Goddesses we are planning some exciting adventures such as visiting Byron Bay Crystal Castle, and then off to see Scott Alexander King at his Animal Dreaming shop, to having a weekend away at Maitland Gaol in New South Wales which is a very haunted gaol, to full moon meditations at Redcliffe and Bribie Island.

Before I finish, I want to remind everyone about being true to yourself….and knowing what is the truth and what isn’t. For example…when speaking to someone at any time, remember your words, for words are very powerful, they can be painful and at times simply beautiful…..also remember people and situations change – nothing is written in concrete, people change their minds – so just let go of any old negative emotions and free yourself. I know I am…..as most of you know I have spent the last few months on massive detox……both from people and chocolate. I have experienced such anger and to most powerful cravings ever……..however I survived!!! I have learnt this year, thanks to Sam, Dean, Isis, Adam, Kym and Dad that I will not tolerate being blamed for something or accepting anything less for myself. We all make mistakes however take some responsibility for your actions and then let them go and believe me when you stand in your own power and really own it and its AMAZING !!! WE ARE ALL EQUAL……WE ALL HAVE THE MOST AMAZING LOVE WITHIN US….....

I would love to wish you all A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND KNOW THAT 2011 WILL BE FANTASTIC !!!!!!!

See you all next year with much love, laughter and blessings……please take care and thankyou to everyone for your support…..you are truly beautiful people…..who have stood by me no matter what without blame, or judgement……only love……THANK YOU xxxx

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