16 April 2010

Chill Out Time.......

Well here we are again.....the last week for me has been wonderful !!  I have had the week off from work and the last 4 days I have had the house, my cats and my books to myself.....which is for me something I am not used to....and the timing was perfect !!  These last few days I have totally rested, switched off from the world and just hung out with myself.....I spent some quality time with my Guides - Sam and Dean.....I can hear everyone saying but you always spend time with Sam and Dean which is true, but not in the way where we just simply hung out.....I sat out in the back garden and we simply spoke like old friends do....and I didnt realise how much I needed that, you see timing is everything !!

I needed to chill out.....its funny how we live life everyday with many things happening at once, we juggle family, friends, work and what I call extra bits.....which is everything in between.....I didnt realise how much I needed to switch off and for those that know me, I have my mobile constantly with me.....well in the last few days, I simply either switched my phone off or put it on silent.  I know I am running a business, which is helping people and I do love it, however we all need at times TO STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES and I  did just that.....

Some of you might think that this is crazy, but I sat back and watched a few shows that I taped such as Most Haunted and Midsummer Murders which I loooovvee (I swear I was english in a few past lives).....and I got to hang out with my own company and realised thats just what I needed....

So I would like to remind you all that your time is valuable, so cherish each moment in time, in your life, but make sure you have time for you, so many things pull us away and before we know it the day is gone, a month gone and christmas is here once again....so please enjoy the company of others and the love of life and all its wonderful moments, and remember you already possess everything you need to be you PERFECTLY !!

Much love, laughter, magick and blessings


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  1. So glad you got to relax Nicky Its amazing how life does pass us buy & we forget to sit back & take it all in, I will have to remind myself to do that, have a great weekend! :)