23 December 2009

Archangel Gabriel's Message of Love

Blessings Dear Ones, at this time of celebration.....I come to you all, to wish you the most joyous time in your lives, as you connect with one another and rejoice in the magic of Christmas.

For all the Kingdom of Angels, Light and Love, we celebrate many things, not just what Christmas is all about - we celebrate Love.....to us, everyday is a Holy day, a day where is Love celebrated everyday......so Dear Ones, please celebrate Love and forgive and let go of any pain, anger, loss, frustration and guilt, and shine like the beautiful shooting stars that you are.....

Love is a being who lives as a possibility in us all......

There are two ways to spread the light:
to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it

Edith Wharton

May you celebrate everyday as a Holy day, Dear Ones......and remember you are truly loved and never alone....

Merry Xmas
Archangel Gabriel


  1. Thanks so much - on so many levels! I am so thrilled to see you post this very special message - Looking forward to seeing many many more!

  2. Lovely message, I will do my best to remember thoughs positive word's
    Have a great Christmas & New Year Elaine :)

  3. Thankyou very much for your wonderful words of support and love.....Have a fantastic day, everyday !!! Love Nicky